Our Story

Who We Are

The Lopez brothers started Boss Chemicals Corporation over 17 years ago based on the simple idea to make a great product and provide even better customer service. Since then, Boss-Chem has been producing, supplying and transporting drilling lubricants and the best chemicals all over the world. We are here to serve you!

BOSS­‐CHEM  Specialized in Drilling Lubricants and has  earned  an  outstanding  reputation  of  reducing  customer  cost  by  improving;  essential  drilling  factors;  torque;  drag; ROP,  and  cutting  drill  time  by  an  average  of  50%(WBM)  and  25%(OBM).  For  years,  our  products  have  been  examined  on  numerous  oil  wells,  and  have  improved  the  performance  in  several  different  factors.  

We  work  closely  with  company  men,  drilling  superintendents  and  drilling  managers,  however,  we  focus  on  capturing  the  metrics  on  all improvements.  During  visits,  we  found  that  our  product  was  indeed  outperforming  the  incumbent  product.    Some  of  the  improved  factors  include:  

Although,  our  research  team  has  been  challenged  due  to  oil  base  mud’s  low  lubricity,  Here  at  BOSS-­‐ CHEM,  we  have  discovered  that  oil-base  mud  does  in  fact  breaks  apart  under  constant  heat  and  pressure,  causing  a  loss  in  lubricity  and  increase  consumption  on  down-­‐hole  tools.  That’s  why  we  engineered  our  product  not  to  just  restore  but  enhance  the  lubricity  by  30%  in  oil-­‐based  mud  and  decrease  wear  and  tear  on  tools  

Now  we  know  that  a  drilling  lubricant  is  only  one  factor  in  making  a  successful  drilling  program.    However,  all  these  improvements  only  occurred after  the  team  started  to  use  a  BOSS  product  and  that  was  the  only  change  made  to  their  drilling  program.    This,  we  believe,  shows  the  true value  of  our  line  of  BOSS  drilling  and  completions  products.  

We  are  confident  that  we  can  replicate  these  or  close  to  these  results  and  would  be  more  than  happy  to  
work  with  you  on  any  site  you  choose.    I  look  forward  to  speaking  with  you  soon. 

Our Word - Our Promise

We do not fail our customers - ever. We have learned through the years that our ability to provide the best products and the best customer service is the ultimate to key to a successful relationship. Maintaining our impeccable reputation is extremely important to us and the only way to do this is to insure complete and total success for our customers. We will never let you down, you have our word.