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*Recommended BOSS-155 Pipe On Pipe Lubricant


BOSS-155 Pipe On Pipe lubricant, Recognized by Texas A&M, Used to decrease the coefficient of friction in any fluid systems. 

BOSS-180 Friction Reducer (FR)


BOSS-180 Friction Reducer (FR) a dual functional FR suspension without clay additives. The product can be used in fresh water to high brine to yield the highest friction reduction rate and the best sand carrying capacity.

BOSS-114 Liquid Gel


BOSS-114 Liquid Gel, used in hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, drilling and completion applications as high yield viscosifier as well as reducing friction and drag in water based systems thus can perform as a dual function product.

BOSS-121 Surfactant


BOSS-121 Surfactant, most commonly used for lowering the surface tension or interfacial tension between fluids or between a fluid and a solid. BOSS-121 concentrated but balanced can be used for drilling use, cement slurries, fracturing, acidization and demulsification.

BOSS-137 Biocide


BOSS-137 Biocide, eliminates any organism or bacteria, concentrated but balanced will keep polymers intact as well as control sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming
bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria.

BOSS-140 H2S Oxygen Scavenger


BOSS-140 H2S Oxygen Scavenger product made to capture the dissolved oxygen in a harmless chemical reaction that renders the oxygen unavailable for corrosive reactions. BOSS-140 is also mixed with a small amount of scale and corrosion for enhanced performance.

BOSS-112 Corrosion Inhibitor


BOSS-112 Corrosion Inhibitor, a balanced chemical of corrosion inhibiter that will provide a passivation layer to decrease the corrosion rate of most material, BOSS-112 includes scale inhibiter additives that will prevent scale deposition and blocking or hindering fluid.

BOSS-122 Scale Inhibitor


BOSS-122 Scale Inhibitor, used for scale deposition, BOSS-122 Scale Inhibitor is a balanced concentrated product that prevents blocking or hindering fluid flow through pipelines, valves, and pumps delaying, reducing and/or preventing used in oil production and processing.

BOSS-141 Packer Fluid


BOSS-141 Packer Fluid, designed to provide hydrostatic pressure in order to lower differential pressure across the sealing element, as well as lowering differential pressure on the wellbore and casing to prevent collapse and to protect metals and elastomers from corrosion.

BOSS-160Z Xanthan Gum Surry


BOSS-160Z Xanthan Gum Slurry, used in water muds to provide a non-Newtonian mud rheology, highly desirable because of the flat velocity profile it produces in annular flow, which is required for efficient cuttings lifting in lower density muds.

BOSS-260Z Xanthan gum powder


BOSS-260Z Xanthan Gum powder, used in water muds to provide a non-Newtonian mud rheology, highly desirable because of the flat velocity profile it produces in annular flow, which is required for efficient cuttings lifting in lower density muds.

BOSS-115 Defoamer


BOSS-115 Defoamer, engineered chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids, as well as control oil foam in separators to minimize oil-carry-over into the gas stream or gas-carry-under into the oil system.

BOSS-118 Emulsifier


BOSS-118 Emulsifier, a chemical additive that creates an emulsion, a dispersion of one immiscible liquid into another, by reducing the interfacial tension between the two liquids to achieve stability. We offer our unique blended emulsifier in either water base mud (BOSS-118D) or oil base mud (BOSS-118I).

BOSS-116 DeEmulsifier


BOSS-116 Demulsifier, chemical used to break emulsions. Demulsifiers are used in the chemical analysis of oil and synthetic muds and to treat produced hydrocarbons. Our type of demulsifier depends on the type of emulsion, either oil-in-water or water-in-oil. We do carry any for convenience.

BOSS-153 Water Treatment


BOSS-153 Water Treatment, a water treatment for production oil wells to reduce corrosion and improve performance in the well. 

BOSS-214 Barite


BOSS-241 Barite, a weighting agent used widely in the drilling process to weight up the drilling mud BOSS-241 has a specific gravity of 4.1 Available in 1 ton super sacks or 50lbs sacks.

BOSS-225 Caustic Beads


Caustic soda beads, used in most water-base muds to increase and maintain pH and alkalinity.

BOSS-168 Paraffin Inhibitor


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