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"BOSS Chem has been able to reduce drilling time by 3 days a well on average on numerous wells. We typically target for 25 days and are able to hit 22 days with BOSS. Best case we had once had targeted 25 and brought it in at 17 days using BOSS product. "

~ Chris, TX, U.S.A.

"Using BOSS 155 we were able to reduce torque and drag issues which lead to better performance across the board. During rotation BOSS 155 delivered increased penetration rates while reducing tool joint and tubular wear. While slide drilling BOSS 155 dramatically decreased the weight on bit needed to drill in high angle extended reach wells and increased control over tool face orientation far beyond that of it's competitors. Prior to running casing BOSS 155 spotted in the lateral insured that the casing shoe was at depth every time and on schedule. With BOSS 155 in the hole we were coming in well under AFE and always under the drilling curve at 20 to 25 days per 1280 spaced Bakken well. BOSS Chemicals customer service is second to none. Alex and Andy Lopez as well as the entire BOSS Chem team have always went above and beyond to provide on time delivery and customer support. They all go far beyond their scope of expertise to ensure that every well is a success and every problem is met with a solution."

~ Teel, TX, U.S.A.

"We meet every TD (Total Depth) with the BOSS 155 product, never missed a target. We recently drilled a 6800' lateral with curve in 110 hours or 4½ days with just water and BOSS 155 in the Buda formation. We also drilled a double lateral, one 10,000' lateral going North and a 9,000' lateral going South, using only water and BOSS 155 in South Texas.

We have been using this product a very long time and plan on using it on all future wells. BOSS 155 reduces the torque and allows us to slide easily. No complaints what so ever.
As far as customer service, BOSS has always got us what we needed when we needed it. We are very well satisfied with their product and their company.
I would be more than happy to speak with anyone about BOSS-Chem and their products."

~ Glen Lee Wright, CML Energy, TX, U.S.A.