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(Drilling Lubricant and Friction Reducer)

BOSS-155 is a concentrated oil soluble-water dispersible blend of amide and imidazoline fatty acids with oil wetting surfactant. BOSS-155 is effective at reducing the friction during horizontal and directional drilling operations. BOSS-155 disperses easily into any system. BOSS-155 reduces sliding time in half in most cases history. Also reduces torque and drag casing wear and reduces wall sticking tendencies and also reduces bit and bottom hole assembly balling. BOSS-155 will not damage any elastomers of down-hole motors.


BOSS-155 should be used pill form or to the entire system. Application in pill form is added 2.0-5.0% by volume to a 25-50 barrel tank. For sliding purposes depending on how big of slide is needed. Pump a foot down or two every 30 min. or 1hr depending on slide. For application in the water or mud system at the rate 1-5% of the total system.

(Environmentally Friendly)

BOSS-CHEM is the proprietor and sole manufacturer of BOSS-156. BOSS-156 reduces torque, drag and the potential for differential sticking by reducing the coefficient of friction of water-based muds. It can also provide additional wellbore stability and inhibition, and reduce bit balling. BOSS-156 is dispersible is all types of water-based fluids and is not affected by contaminants. It is acceptable for most situations specifying a low toxicity lubricant. 


BOSS-156 is used where torque, drag and/or the potential for differential sticking are likely, such as when drilling highly deviated or high-differential-pressure wells. This additive is especially useful for preventing the "stick-slip" condition is directional drilling when using the "slide" method without rotation. Normal concentrations range from 2% to 4% or 7 to 17.5 lb/bbl, depending on the mud density, desired reduction in coefficient of friction, and the mud system. After the initial treatment, periodic treatments should be made to maintain the desired concentration. Treatment levels and product usage will depend on the rate of penetration, solids control equipment and dilution rates.

Packaging & Storage

BOSS-155 & BOSS-156 is packaged in:

  • 55-gallon Drums
  • 265-gallon Totes
  • Also available in bulk

Boss-155 & Boss-156

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